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3 Powerful Tips on Saying Thank You

As we prepare to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday, DFRI wants to thank you for your commitment to building better organizations, as we deliver desired results to the businesses we serve. Together, through your actions and leadership, we are showing that, aligning business objectives with employee development, and refocusing our efforts to include lower level managers are not just great means to reaching objectives, they are essential to building healthier, more productive organizations. As a small token of our appreciation, below are 3 simple, yet powerful tips on saying thank you to your employees.


Communication – It’s important for organizations to view their staff as a community and to provide them with the communication they need to perform their job and to understand the issues that relate to their employment. Great communication leads to efficiency as well as a sense of security. There is no better way to say ‘I value your contribution to this company’ then by sharing information, and most of all knowledge.

Flexibility – Understanding that employees have lives outside of the office is important for businesses that want to remain empathetic. Companies that are ‘human’ tend to retain employees better than companies that lack empathy. Allow an employee who worked overtime to come in late the next morning or allow another to work on a Saturday if they need a Friday off to attend their children’s school play. While it’s not always possible to accommodate employees each time, it is possible to be flexible some of the time in order to preserve a happy work environment.

Fairness – While disappointments between employees competing for promotions are inevitable, they are much easier to understand when employees understand the criteria for advancement and must meet it without favoritism or prejudice to be considered for promotions. Distribute promotions and work tasks in a fair and reasonable manner.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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