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4 Recruiting Tips for 2017

Recruiting new employees is an exciting time for a business. As organizations grow and positions need filling, business owners must discover ways to attract great talent to build their team. The following tips can help small business leaders with the challenges of recruiting suitable applicants.

Be Clear about the Position

Before advertising your job opening, your organization must write clear description for the open position. It often helps to do some research about the position. You might check to see how larger firms market the position if you are struggling for ideas. It helps to post exactly what you require from a new hire. Provide as much detail about the position as you can in terms of job-specific tasks.

Be Open About the Benefits

Your company might not always be able to offer the same level of salary and benefits that other organizations do.  If you cannot offer a competitive salary, but still want to attract top drawer applicants, you’ll need to play up the benefits you can offer. Perhaps you can provide flexible scheduling or a work-from-home day. Many people actually prefer a relaxed atmosphere and might be willing to trade some salary for those additional benefits that support their work-life balance. That’s an area businesses will need to capitalize on in order to attract talented people to their teams.

Attracting  Quality Applicants

Companies that are still building their brand will have to go beyond their website and the job boards to list their job openings. You might want to attend job fairs.  Establish a relationship with nearby universities to attract new graduates to your business.  Active involvement in trade organizations and relevant media sourcing forums will also yield desired results.

Involve Everyone

Your staff may be helpful when it comes to recruiting. They may know other talent in the industry and could help promote your job opening. Some companies also prefer to include some staff members in the interview process–especially companies that rely on cohesive teams to operate. Although the manager or business owner in a number of cases will have the final say, it helps to involve other employees in the decision-making process.

Recruiting people to your company goes smoothly when you set aside an optimum amount of time to perform these tasks. You’ll find that your business will move forward when you put time and effort into recruiting the best candidates to your open positions.

DFRI Wishes You A Prosperous Business Year in 2017!

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