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5 Powerful Tips for Aspiring HR Professionals

Those of you in my advisory program who are planning a career in Human Resources or have just begun your career as an HR professional, there are various aspects the field you should keep in mind. The following tips can help you as you build your experience and develop your expertise. HR pros have bright business future ahead of them as dedicated professionals can go far.

Develop Relationships with Mentors

Working closely with HR veterans is a great way to build professional relationships and to gain powerful insight into the field and your particular organization. Moreover, research shows that working with a mentor results in better work performance and a greater degree of promotion.

Choose a Specialty

Many HR professionals begin their careers as generalists and are generally able to manage any HR-related task well. It’s also a good idea, as well, to develop a specialty and become a master at it. For instance, you might take on the ever-changing field of employee development. In some cases, your organization may push you into a specialty out of necessity; embrace the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise.

Ditch the Corporate Speak

It’s a good idea to lay phrases like ‘human capital’ by the wayside when you begin work at an organization. Human Resources may be the name of the career, but it is not an optimum way to refer to people that you work alongside and who have lives and families just like you. You’ll go further with the people around you when you behave like a ‘people’ person and less like someone who knows all the latest corporate speak and industry jargon.

Set and Work toward Professional Goals

As an HR staffer, you will invariably have professional goals associated with the company you work for, but you should also set personal career goals that support you in your profession. For instance, you can be on the lookout for conferences or coursework that can enhance your development. You might even start a professional blog or obtain your HR certification.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

You can enhance your HR career by staying tuned in to industry trends. Subscribe to professional blogs and read trade publications to find out about the latest news affecting HR. Make tracking HR developments part of your weekly workload.

You can distinguish yourself as an HR professional when you practice these tips. HR is an exciting and dynamic field. By staying on top of your game, you can develop into an outstanding HR asset for any organization.

 By Sophia Sanchez, PhD(c), SPHR
Founder, Develop For Results International

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