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7 Best Strategies to Improve Employee Relations

For the efficient working of any organization, it is absolutely essential that its employees share good chemistry, are comfortable with each other and work collectively towards the goals of the organization. Maintaining healthy employee relationships are important because when employees feel at ease and enjoy their workplace, they work remarkably and with responsibility. They will look forward to getting to work and not take it as a burden which would greatly hamper with the productivity of the employee as well as the organization.

1.     Sharing Knowledge

Employees should be encouraged to share their acquired knowledge with each other. This leads to a healthy competition as well as good inspirations. This is also a good opportunity for employees to know each other on a personal level so that their level of comfort increases.

2.     Open Communication

Often, poor communication is the culprit behind misunderstandings and confusions. They, in turn, lead to failure of the team and ill will among its members. Employees should be encouraged to voice their opinions, pleasure and displeasure at the on-goings of their workplace. This will help in preventing conflicts between employees and foster healthy employee relationships. It also serves as practice for employee-customer interactions in call centers, hotels and banks as it leads to better and successful communication with customers. In the manufacturing industry, if an employee finds something wrong with a product and feels that it will greatly impact the sale of the product, then he/she should not be afraid to voice out his opinion.

3.     Effective Meetings

Meetings should be held frequently (as needed – daily, weekly or monthly) in workplaces, and they shouldn’t be formal. Employees should be allowed to bring their coffee or a light snack so that they enjoy the meeting as a family and not just workers. People should be encouraged to exchange pleasantries and compliments which creates a friendly environment. It is the responsibility of the organization to take feedback from employees and value their opinions. For service focus and manufacturing industries, these are highly important.

4.     Team Involvement

All the members of the team should feel important to the organization. Individuals should be assigned jobs which cover their interests as well as responsibilities. The involvement of the whole team is crucial for the success of the company and to avoid any conflicts and ill feelings. For example, when making the design of a product, the ideas of everyone in the designing team must be valued and equally appreciated.

5.     Equal Contribution

Equal contribution from all members of the team should be highly stressed upon by the organization. This will ensure that all employees are treated equally and there is no disregard by the employers on any ground whatsoever.

6.     Lunch Hours

The organization should make sure that lunch hour is something to look forward to by the employees. The mental stress of banking center employees and hotel managers, while the physical stress undertaken by plant engineers and technicians is so much that they need an energy boost during the day.

After getting together for an hour of lunch and talk, the employees will be reenergized and refreshed to tackle the remaining work load head on. Otherwise, a tremendous drop in energy would be witnessed which will be detrimental to any organization.

7.     Social Events

Social events and parties should be planned for upcoming special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter etc. Hotels and banks generally put up decorations for such events. Not only do they make them more inviting for customers but also stir a homey feeling in the employees.

Organizations can go a step further in making sure that employees also celebrate their birthday at work by throwing a small party for them during the lunch break. It will make employees feel more valued, and they would carry out their responsibilities even better.

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