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7 Tips on Creating a Sense of Community and Promoting Engagement in the Workplace

1 – Get Together and Support Development

In many organizations, frequent group meetings and other regularized contacts further enhance employees’ sense of community. Bo Kristo BLK Sheep brand company has monthly virtual staff meetings with all partners, employees, and production supervisors. Production stops, and everyone is in attendance. The company’s joy gangs organize regular “Joy events”, including table tennis contests and manufacturing appreciation days, all aimed at getting employees together.

2- Commit to Actualizing

What companies believe and commit to drives what they do. Organizations seeking to actualize their employees must therefore start by making the commitment to do so, and later memorialize that commitment in their literature and management training.

3- Provide challenging onboarding programs

Employees bring their aspirations and hopes to their jobs, and become committed to employers that take concrete steps to help them develop their abilities and achieve their full potential. Young graduates or new recruits often start their positions expecting challenging assignments to help them test and prove their abilities.

4- Promote from within

Promoting from within is not always feasible in today’s business environment. At the same time, there are benefits to letting employees know an organization has fair promotional practices. It’s important to distinguish between promotion from within programs and policies that claim to do so. The most challenging aspect is to breathe life into such policies by organizing Human Resource processes to support them. Linking employees’ performance, career preferences, and developmental needs in a formal career plan is a great starting pint to internal promotions.

5- Provide Developmental Activities

Developmental activities such as career workshops enhance employees’ opportunities for promotion from within, appeal to their desire to grow and learn, provide more lateral opportunities, and give them a chance to move on to other business units as needed.

6- Commit to people-first values

The commitment building process of clarifying and communicating a mission, guaranteeing organizational fairness, creating a sense of community, and supporting employee development, all rest on one foundation, and that is the employer’s commitment to values that put employees first. A good first step is to take action that exemplify the company’s employee-first values.

7- Hire “Right-Fit” Managers

Placing the company’s employee-first values into practice means that managers must have internalized these values and become committed to the same. In many organizations, this means hiring the right kind of people in the first place, then carefully indoctrinating them in the gospel of workplace engagement.

Giving each employee an opportunity to contribute to the organization’s mission through involvement in most job-related decisions, plus promotion from within and extensive career assessment, training, and development programs, all reflect the company’s people-first values.

By Sophia Sanchez, SPHR

Principal Consultant – Develop For Results International

Author of  “The Development Alternative: Powerful Strategies for unparalleled Business Results”

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