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7 Ways To Ensure Best Workplace Investigation Practice


Your workplace is subject to constant change, this makes workplace conflicts inevitable. But before you take strict action against allegations make sure you have thoroughly investigated the matter. Absence of proper investigation causes distrust among employees and may even tarnish the company’s reputation.

Why Is There A Need Of Investigation?

  • Certain employee acts must be penalized, and if the act is severe may even warrant a dismissal.
  • Companies need to look into the matter if an employee files a complaint against another employee (harassment or management issues)
  • If an employee files a claim against the provision of Fair Work Act.

What Does Happens In An Investigation?

  • Firstly, you need to determine the company’s legal obligation. You should approach legal counseling and provide complete paperwork for the matter under consideration.
  • Then decide the goal of the investigator. Whether he/she needs to determine the occurrence of an incidence or do they need to observe. Keep in mind they should collect evidence and facts without passing any judgments.
  • Determine the process of collecting evidence.
  • Determine the procedure of interviews and the method of recording witness statement.
  • Structure the investigation report.
  • Determine a plan of action after preparation of report.

To make your finding and results accurate and factual you can follow these best practices.

Point Out Areas Of Concerns

To tackle a problem, it is necessary that it’s brought into the notice of upper management level. Highlighting the problem that needs to be addressed, helps formulate a better investigation plan and makes it easier to measure results.

Act Quickly And Smoothly

Some problems require a quick action plan, delaying the investigation worsens the situation and makes it difficult to handle. For example, if you neglect substance abuse at the workplace, this negligence can lead to theft, harassment, or even loss of profits due to the employee in question.

Get Professional Help

In such matters it’s better to get expert opinion, as delay or negligence can wreak a company’s reputation. A third- party can conduct a better investigation, without any judgments or personal interests.

Plan Ahead

Having an investigation process in place provides your company with a streamlined process of handling conflicts and complaint. The way your HR handles the complaint of an employee will determine the flow of the entire situation. Even a private investigator will inquire about the process and policies in place for events like, harassment, bullying or management issues.

Evaluation Of Evidence

The ultimate goal of the company should be to resolve the issue without taking it to court. But in some cases this becomes unavoidable; therefore gather evidence during the investigation process. This will make your case stronger in court.

Accurate Documentation

A written record of the complete investigation process is always advisable. This maintains evidence, and provides your company with a reference if a need arises in the future.

Follow Through

You need to measure if the desired result was achieved from the investigation. If an investigation against drug abuse was carried out, a follow-up on the concerned employee should be done to monitor is necessary changes have been made.

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