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About Us

About Us

Develop For Results International is a boutique Employee Relations and Human Resources Advisory firm dedicated to providing timely resolutions to the most daunting employee problems in the workplace. DFRI specialize in handling conflicts so managers can focus on core tasks.

Guiding us is our mission for contributing to better workplaces. At DFRI, the way we do business is just as important as the business itself. Our company-wide values are the foundation of DFRI’s reputation as a trusted organization that goes the extra mile to advance our clients’ success. We are providing peace of mind and valuable workplace conflict solutions to industry professionals while saving them time. DFRI builds long-term relationships with our clients and stand behind our service. Now is a good time to get onboard.

Workplace conflict is inevitable. Managers spend on average 35% of their time dealing with conflicts that they’re not trained to resolve. As a result, employee relations and morale suffer. Individuals and organization failing to deal with conflict before it escalates out of control leave themselves susceptible to an avalanche of cost consequences. These costs are reap in terms of reduced productivity, higher attrition and workman compensation claims, increased theft, sabotage, and violence, as well as the a larger potential for discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits.

58% of companies use our service due to a lack of experience in-house. Knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths, so handing off a task you know you can’t handle properly to a team with expertise is a great business decision. DFRI has trained pros ready to support your management team. We help your entire business to evolve.

The flexibility and value of our service allow us to serve both business and individual clients. DFRI clients enjoy the freedom, peace of mind, and dedication to timely resolution of the employee problems that arise, as they focus on managing more important tasks. All advisory support are provided by phone, and email with the option to participate in our monthly virtual workshops. DFRI offers the easiest and fastest way to get your workplace problems resolved, free managers’ time to focus on core tasks, and reduce liability for potential lawsuits.

The DFRI Difference

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Unlike Traditional Human Resource Consulting firms who act as generalists, but don’t master any specific solution, DFRI does. We take pride in mitigating, and resolving workplace conflicts within organizations before they escalade to outside government agencies, such as the EEOC. DFRI pricing is transparent and straight forward. DFRI has no hidden fees.

Differently from ordinary mediation services who only work with companies to resolve disputes after they’ve been reported to outside government agencies, and on the verge of becoming major lawsuits, DFRI works with every problem, dispute, and disagreement from reporting to resolution, all without escalation to outside parties. Best of all, we never watch the clock nor charge you for overtime hours.

For companies who currently have in-house Human Resources staff to resolve employee problems (among other things), DFRI supports the HR staff in the conflict resolution process. Let’s face it, timely conflict resolution to avoid lawsuits and Human Resource Management are two different tasks. DFRI manages the problem employees, relieve your company from the liability, so HR can focus on providing strategic workplace solutions.

For companies who forgot to have a Human Resource or employee relations staff, and decided the managers should be the problem solvers and mediators, DFRI comes to the rescue by relieving managers from this burden, take on all the liability, and allow them to focus on managing their departments. We’re always one call, chat or email away for early intervention.

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