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Be Mindful of Legal Implications

A very easy and common avenue taken by employers is that of instilling fear in employees through false menaces in their written policies. Some opt to react based on emotions and fire the employee(s) on the basis of the public media publicity created in an effort to be relive from potential liability from those actions. However, we beg your organization to differ. There is no substitute for starting with a legally sound and transparent policy when it comes to social media.

Organizations should understand the legal implications surrounding social media policies in the workplace; all of which vary by state. As such, organizations operating in different states and of course internationally are responsible for complying with the applicable regulations. Engage everyone – Discover why employees are posting and sharing negative comments related to your business. Terminating employees over social media violations undoubtedly send a loud message to others. Nonetheless, it does not offer a solution and may very well place the organization at risk for other legal liabilities, depending on the nature of the violation. It is absurd for organizations to expect to monitor the social media profiles of all employees. Instilling fear however, is not the answer.

It’s essential for organizations to understand that negative publicity, especially across social media platforms is inevitable. In addition to complying with the regulations and agencies that govern employer-employee risks in regards to social media; organizations are urged to allocate as much energy and resources toward building a solid relationship with their employees. This should exceed, or at a minimum equal to the importance given to building lasting customer relationships. Engage managers to make employees your brand ambassador and treat them well. With excellent employee relations, organizations will drastically reduce negative social media publicity due to employees.

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