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Better Employee Engagement starts with Trust

Building a Culture of Trust

The leadership tam of any given business or organization is in the unique position to foster a culture of trust, an atmosphere where both management and employees can work with the knowledge that they are respected and valued members of a single team. In organizations where management is not trusted to manage fairly and employees are not trusted to work competently, an unhealthy climate results, leading to fairly high-turnover rates and diminished production levels. Leaders must constantly work to maintain a culture of trust within their organization, and the following four tips can help.

Foster Community over Hierarchy

Though not every employee rates the privilege, salary, and responsibility associated with a company’s executives, every employee can be a member of the organization’s community and treated as a valued member of the team without condescension or insincerity. Valuable HR pros can work to infuse this air of community at every level of the organization.


Not every employee is charged as a decision maker; yet all employees will feel more invested in their job when they are listened to and their concerns are attended to.  Leaders and executives often find themselves stretch thin with different priorities between management and employees. Listening to each faction with empathy allows them to provide reasonable advice that serves the workplace’s community as a whole.

Be Clear and Consistent about Company Values

Any business–and most do–can talk about creating a culture of trust and respect; however, this culture doesn’t arise with supporting the ‘talk’ with actions. To create a culture of trust, a framework is needed that establishes workplace values that support a trusting and respectful atmosphere. When employees understand the core values of a company and see them practiced, they will be able to trust that the organization’s rhetoric is not merely a spiel–but has genuine merit.

Hire Good People

A great leader must consider their business community when assessing candidates. When they bring a person on board, they have an obligation to hire and develop someone who will enhance that community. It’s essential to hire people that are trustworthy and that do not necessitate a culture of looking over shoulders. Be sure that everyone is informed about how the company values its culture of trust and insist that employees support it and do not detract from it.

A culture of trust is often what separates a happy and healthy organization from an unhappy and decidedly unhealthy workplace. HR professionals must work to support a culture of trust to ensure that their organization can thrive.

To your success,

By Sophia Sanchez, SPHR

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