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Employee Retention & Turnover – Facts & Stats

Employee Retention & Turnover - Facts & Stats

Did you know that so far in 2018, 3 million employees have quit their job in the U.S.? Find out the recent trends & insights relating to employee turnover and use them to retain high performing employees in your firm. (more…)

Dealing With Chronic Complainers in Your Firm

Dealing With Chronic Complainers in Your Firm

Every firm has certain employees who have a habit of complaining every now & then. No matter how small or big the issue, everything seems to bug them. Find out how you can deal with such chronic complainers. (more…)

Workplace Violence: Is Your Office Safe?

Employee Conflict Resolution Strategies

Spending 8–9 hours in a small cubicle, seven days a week, can be overwhelming. HR is used as the first line of defense to resolve workplace conflicts, but this department is also at the highest risk of experiencing violent acts. (more…)

Should There Be A Policy Against Use Of Mobile And Office Equipment For Personal Use?

Human Resources Advisory

Breaks play an essential role in increasing employee productivity, but when these breaks extend for long periods, it can cost your company time, money, and productivity. A survey conducted with a sample size of 2,138 mangers and 3,022 full-time employees, indicated that 24 percent of employees spend at least an hour making personal calls, emails, and texts. The top contender in time wasting activities were texting and phone call (50 percent), gossiping (42 percent),…