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Common Causes Of Conflict In A Diverse Team

Human Relations

A study conducted by National Center of Public Policy and Higher Education projected an increase in the American workforce from 18 percent to a 37 percent by the year 2020. The census conducted in 2015 indicated that majority of population comprised of Millennials, and 44.2 percent of this population ethnically identifies themselves with races other than ‘white’. Moreover, US population also saw a rise in children (below the age of 5),…

Mistakes to Avoid when conducting a Workplace Investigation

Mistakes to Avoid when conducting a Workplace Investigation

Workplace investigations have the potential to turn very serious. Here is how you avoid common mistakes that might have legal ramifications. (more…)

15 Ways To Improve Work Environment And Optimize Productivity

15 Ways to Improve your Work Environment

Happy employees automatically translate to more productive employees. Here is how you can improve your work environment to accomplish this. (more…)

Impact Of Multi-Culture On Workplace Environment


Workplace is becoming a melting pot for various cultures from all over the world. With an increase in cultural integration, it has become necessary that your workplace adheres to cultural sensitivity and inclusion. The current breakdown of American population has seen a change.According to theU.S. Census Bureau, Asian and mixed race population grew by 3%, whereas non-Hispanic white population saw a decrease of 163,300 people. So, what exactly is culture? It’s…

How To Deal With Absenteeism And Tardiness

As soon as the clock strikes 9 there is frenzy around the office lobby and the parking lot. Everybody rushes towards the scanner or their workstations to establish their physical presence (although mentally they would rather be still in bed). (more…)