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The Effects Of Poor Employee Relations On Corporate Image And Cost Of Recruitment

What are employee relations? Simply put, the relationship between a company or business owner and the professionals that are employed is what comprises employee relations. Employee relations are important for a number of reasons. Good employee relations boost morale and hence workplace efficiency. They encourage employees to perform and excel, raising both productivity and profits as a result. In short, good employee relations keep things running smooth. This is probably…

What Millennials Can Learn FromGen X Workers In The Office

Historically, workforces have never been so generationally diverse. Millennials today make up a crucial part of the overall workforce internationally. They operate in varying capacities alongside co-workers from other generations and are involved in all sorts of industries from development to commerce to research. Some studies and statistics even suggest that millennials are likely going to dominate most of the international work force in the near future. Communication When co-workers…

A Guide to Starting a Workplace Mentoring Program

Apprenticeship is a concept that has been followed for decades, and it’s essential that this custom is incorporated in the modern workplace to make learning and growth an easier process. So, here is a guide for you to start an effective mentoring plan at your workplace. Device a Structure If your organization has decided to start a mentoring program, they would also need to have a specific goal in mind—like…

A few Important Tips for Effective Employee Communication – [ Infographic ]

Check out the infographic on "A few Important Tips for Effective Employee Communication". Need help improving internal communication or resolving conflicts in the workplace? Head over to https://dfrihr.com or send an email at info@DFRIHR.com

What Value Employers Really Reap from a Job Fair?

Welcome to this last blog of 2017 and thank you for another wonderful year.  In addition to the blog contents, please stay tuned for our upcoming podcast in 2018. Nowadays, jobs or career fairs come in many different forms.  In addition to the traditional settings, some are also happening virtually.  They range from on-campus sponsored career days to large programs at convention centers, run by private organizations.  Participation in a…