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Why Perceptual Differences Contribute to Conflict


Goal differences can be accompanied by differing perceptions of reality, and disagreements over what constitutes reality can lead to conflict.  For instance, a problem in a hospital may be viewed in one way by the medical staff and in another way by the nursing staff.  Many factors cause organizational groups to form differing perceptions, and different perspectives. Status in congruence conflicts concerning the relative status of different groups are common. …

Decoding the Relationship between Goal Differences and Workplace Conflict

Ideally, interacting groups will always view their goals as manually compatible and behave in such a way as to contribute to the attainment of both sets of goals.  Realistically, however, this is frequently not the case.  Several problems related to differences in goals can create conflicts. Groups with mutually exclusive goals can find themselves in conflict.  For example, marketing usually have a goal of maximizing sales.  On the other hand,…

Top 3 Causes of Intergroup Conflicts

Every group comes into at least partial conflict with every other group with each it interacts.  This tendency is known as inter-organizational conflict.  This occurs when two or more organizational groups must depend on one another to complete their tasks.  The conflict in such situations can potentially range from relatively low to very high, depending on the nature of the interdependence. Pooled Interdependence requires no interaction among groups because each…

How to Manage Workplace Conflicts Without Losing your Mind

Guidelines for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

For any organization to perform effectively, interdependent individuals and groups must establish working relationships across organizational boundaries, between individuals, and among groups.  Individuals or groups may depend on one another for information, assistance, or coordinated action.  The fact, however is that they are interdependent.  Such interdependence may foster either cooperation or conflict. This post will focus primarily on conflict that occurs between groups in organizations.  Types and causes of inter-group…

Why Your Job Descriptions Should Focus On Activities

Here’s how to write a job description that will attract the right candidates. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson Why Focus on Activities? People are hired to perform value-adding activities, says Omer Molad, co-founder and CEO of Vervoe; making hiring about merit rather than background is imperative.  While companies have different approaches to how…