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I wanted to take a few minutes and post this short blog, to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.  I also wanted to THANK YOU for supporting me and Develop For Results International this past year.  Whether you’ve been following my material for just a few months or for weeks – I want you to know that I truly appreciate you and your desire to encourage workplace…

A perspective on current employee development issues and setting the agenda 2015

In the last five to ten years, the nature of work has changed considerably largely because the organizational, economic and technological context in which workplaces function has changed beyond recognition. Organizations have been subject to a range of technology-driven changes, business process re-engineering; and home-based work settings have increased.   The volume and variety of tasks that employees have had to learn to cope with; and increasing globalization has created a…

If You Are Not Listening and Taking Action, Someone Else Will

When companies make big decisions without listening to the input of employees, there could be communication problems that may send frustrated employees to the job ads. Moreover, when company decisions profoundly affect the employees in question, there are bound to be consequences.  Companies that communicate with employees tend to manage change better across the board.  Companies that ignore employees before making decisions that will affect them often find that employees…

Why Performance Management Differs across Cultures

Performance management, as an integral part of any organization, is uniquely influenced by cultural elements. These cultural elements often differ from one company to another signifying the unique make-up of a company's workforce. Understanding the role that cultural background plays, however, can help executives and HR departments develop a system that works for all employees. While cultural impact on performance management processes is inevitable, it can be managed effectively. What…

5 Powerful Tips for Aspiring HR Professionals

Those of you in my advisory program who are planning a career in Human Resources or have just begun your career as an HR professional, there are various aspects the field you should keep in mind. The following tips can help you as you build your experience and develop your expertise. HR pros have bright business future ahead of them as dedicated professionals can go far. Develop Relationships with Mentors Working closely…