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Employee Training on a Budget

Most organizations have budget constraints that they must adhere to while successfully running their departments and providing the training needed by their organization. Sometimes those budget constraints, however, can be quite tight. By considering the following tips, businesses can provide the necessary training without going over budget.   Join an Outside Group or Organization that Provides Training Depending on your company's industry, there may be a group or organization that…

Employee Retention Tips for Thoughts

Natural attrition is part of any business or organization over time. Employees may choose to take early retirement or relocate for a variety of reasons. Yet losing good employees because they are dissatisfied with aspects of the company is something that organizations should take to heart. Retaining good, well-trained employees is cost-effective and supports the overall smooth operation of the organization.   Communicate When businesses fail to communicate with their…

Everybody is Trainable

Myth or Fact I had this discussion with one of the Operations Managers I consulted with for a retail chain. Their instruction manuals were in English. A vast seventy percent of the employees did not speak English, the few who did could not clearly understand the context of the manuals. Two things could have obviously done differently here, hire better candidates, or develop training materials to fit the needs of…

Is Human Resources the right career for me?

Below is the answer to one of the questions I get asked the most during my advisory and seminar sessions Human Resources departments play an integral role for today's businesses and organizations. Though widely known for their responsibilities associated with the hiring process and benefits management, HR professionals also perform many administration-related functions like policy creation, and they also provide training as required by their organization. For career-minded people who…

Better Employee Engagement starts with Trust

Building a Culture of Trust The leadership tam of any given business or organization is in the unique position to foster a culture of trust, an atmosphere where both management and employees can work with the knowledge that they are respected and valued members of a single team. In organizations where management is not trusted to manage fairly and employees are not trusted to work competently, an unhealthy climate results,…