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When Things Get Personal: How To Deal With Emotional Employees?

Emotional Employees

For the longest of time, we used overall intelligence and experience as a standard for recruiting, but with time, the industry has learnt the importance of EQ (emotional quotient) and EI (emotional intelligence). EI measures a person’s ability to understand his own feelings and of those around him. You might be under impression that business is emotionless and extremely practical, but that’s not the case. (more…)

Who Creates Your Company’s Culture?

Company Culture

Corporate culture is the beliefs, values, and behavior a company adapts to interact internally and externally. It’s not an openly highlighted phenomenon, but a mannerism that is developed due to the cumulative behavior of the company. Culture takes time to be developed, which means a change in the culture would also require time and effort. (more…)

A Leaders Guide To Conflict Intervention

HR Outsourcing Services

Leading a team of diverse people, from different cultures and educational backgrounds can be a difficult task. The differences and specialties of the team improve its ability to provide unique solutions to business problems. But different mindset and work attitude can cause a rift between employees, which can lead to a toxic work environment. According to a survey, around 60 to 80 percent of organizational problems stem from poor employee…

Trigger Words That Exacerbate Conflicts

Workplace Conflicts

Linguistics play an important role in shaping our perception—and behavior. You might not even realize, but the words you use shape your personality. Different cultures use language in different ways. For example, in some languages, a bridge might be described as beautiful (a female connotation) whereas, in other cultures words like strong or long will be used (which has a masculine connotation). (more…)

Maintaining Harmony In The Workplace

Maintaining Harmony In The Workplace

Workplaces are a mix of all types of people, with all types of personalities, quirks, goals and challenges, so for everyone to get along beautifully, it takes effort. (more…)