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Can You Bend? Flex-Hours Can Benefit Employees and Employers

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Workforce dynamics have changed, with the market readily adopting the idea of remote workforce. This allows employees to work at different location (like home, or different cities) while performing their day-to-day job. According to a recent survey, around 3.9 million of American workforce works from home.

2.9 percent of American total workforce is adhering to this trend.

What is Flex-hours

It’s a perk provided to employees to manage their work more effectively. Employees might be given a choice to pick their own work slots, telecommute, or schedule working days. Flexible hours can benefit both, employer and employee; companies who fail to provide this facility lose up on a lot of potential candidate pool.

Flexible Hours Can Transform Your Work Force

Increase productivity and focus

In order to benefit from flexible hours, managers need to be more result-oriented. Employees feel empowered when given the choice to determine their own work schedule. Moreover, they feel motivated and less distracted when they’re given a choice of work-hours and place.

Employees who work from home can strike a work-life balance and prevent burnouts. They are less worried about their personal responsibilities, as they can schedule them conveniently around their work.

Flexible hours provide employees the liberty to do more in less time.

Boosts Morale

Treating employees like adults who are responsible enough to deliver on a given timeline, acts like a morale booster.

When employees feel they are trusted by the manager, they go an extra mile to prove their capabilities. Moreover, with improved time management workers are able to carry out personal chores and work, which gives them a sense of purpose.

Flexible hours also provide employees ease of mind. They can avoid traffic and rush hours by having a customized working shift. It provides managers an easy way to take care of employee’s mental well-being.

Reduce Absenteeism

Workers are forced to take a day off, if they can’t find a way to bend their schedule to attend personal obligations.  With flex-hours facility workers can manage personal life along with their work.

This is an ideal way to retain working women who need to manage kids and work alongside. A study conducted in University Of Minnesota indicated that employees who worked on a flexible schedule were healthier than ones who followed a conventional schedule. Better health can be achieved by maintaining a proper sleep cycle and avoiding the stress of traffic and personal commitments.

Healthier employees take less days off and prove to be more productive, which is why you should be following a flexible work schedule.

Improve Retention Rate

82 percent of employees are willing to stay at an organization that provides flexible hours. You can reduce turnover and retain your workforce by providing this facility. Moreover, a survey found that companies who offered flexible hours can attract a larger candidate pool.

Cost Saving

If your employees are working from home or any other location, they are not using office supplies, furniture, or energy. This means you save by conserving unused resources. In addition to this, if you have a healthier workforce due to flexible hours, you can also save up on medical insurance claims.

Lastly, improved retention rate will translate into lower recruitment and training cost.

No doubt flexible work schedule can transform your organization, but if you need help in application or transition of this policy, call 1-877-803-3486. We at DFRI provide HR outsourcing services, formulate and execute comprehensive and strategic solutions, and resolve workplace conflicts.