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DFRI Careers

It’s All About Growth…

Want to be among the few members of a fast growing boutique firm?

Want to be a part of a true team, where the best idea wins, no matter where it comes from? Where your opinion counts, and your ideas will actually be used?

Want the opportunity to grow into any role you want?

If your career is booming but you want more than just another paycheck; you can be a part of a firm that is all about growth. Your personal growth, career growth, and our company’s growth. DFRI cares tremendously about you being a good cultural fit and this will be the number one thing we are evaluating. An understanding of the pain-point, time wasted, and cost associated with employee conflict in the workplace is key.

At DFRI, our people are happy gladiators and we believe in delivering results while having fun. We are thinkers, problem-solvers, and solution providers. We carefully approach every situation with a happy, can – do attitude. We communicate candidly, pleasantly, and respectfully with each other, and with our clients, most importantly we love what we do!

DFRI associates are responsible for the end results and satisfaction of those we serve. We share the same vision and we work together to find the right balance between communicating that vision in terms of our goals and firm accountability with ourselves and with each other.

If you are a happy gladiator, looking to provide solutions to employee problems in organizations, or simply test your knowledge through a rewarding internship assignment. Please send us your qualifications and interest statement. We’ll talk soon!