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The Elite Package includes:

  • Unlimited calls 6 days a week
  • Unlimited phone, chats, and email reporting
  • Unlimited follow ups
  • Up to 6 Custodian transfers
  • Access to monthly virtual resource offerings
  • 1 year membership
  • Eligible for automatic renewal of membership

Obligations of Develop For Results, LLC

  1. To provide an employee conflict resolution service with sound advice on workplace conflict prevention, conflict management, and employee relations initiatives to avoid potential lawsuits.
  2. Hours of operation 24 hours by email or voice message/Monday thru Friday 8AM – 6PM CST. Saturday 8AM – 2PM CST.
  3. All content of customer’s account is handled professionally and remains confidential. Develop For Results, LLC and its employees, agents and representatives will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential. This provision will continue to be effective after the termination of this Contract.

Obligations of contract holder

  1. Complete the virtual onboarding process.
  2. Report all cases promptly and accurately by email, fax, support ticket, phone or voicemail. Our account managers are obligated to question and gain full understanding of every reported case, before providing a resolution.
  3. You must communicate clearly about anything you don’t understand and ask us for help.

Service duration and causes for resolution

The duration of this contract is 365 days from the day of payment submission. This means access to services will expire at 12 midnight CST on the 365th day. Clients will have the option to renew their membership before the expiration date to avoid gap in services. Grounds for termination of this contract agreement, without prejudice, by either party due to failure to comply with contract obligations. Contract holder will not be issued a refund upon canceling the service in the middle of the contract term.

Upon termination of the contract for any reason, Develop For Results LLC, will maintain full confidentiality of the client’s content.

If the contracting party does not make use of contracted services under this contract, this does not alter in any way share of the contracted services.

I fully understand and agree to the terms of this online agreement.