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Employee Training on a Budget


Most organizations have budget constraints that they must adhere to while successfully running their departments and providing the training needed by their organization. Sometimes those budget constraints, however, can be quite tight. By considering the following tips, businesses can provide the necessary training without going over budget.


Join an Outside Group or Organization that Provides Training

Depending on your company’s industry, there may be a group or organization that your business can become a member of. Often the benefits of membership include access to training and conferences at reasonable costs. Consider the costs associated with membership versus how much it would cost to duplicate the offered training in-house. This is often a great way for small businesses to obtain access to training that could support company growth.

 Mentoring Programs

While many HR departments can reach all of their employees in various group setting to provide training sessions, such sessions may not be enough to support all employees’ needs. Quite often employees need additional support while struggling with new processes. A mentoring program allows veteran employees or employees with specific skill sets to partner up with employees that need assistance. Not only can this support the company’s training needs, it can forge good working relationships among staff members.

 Careful Assessment

Many businesses may offer training that is no longer needed. HR departments or their training counterparts can help streamline the offered training platform so that it’s lean and supports the essential needs of the business and its employees. Stay tuned in to what employees really need and what they really want to learn.

 Encourage School

Many employees might be willing to attend school–even if they receive no tuition help–if their company provides some flexibility. For instance, online courses could be accessed during work hours or, perhaps, employees that attend classes could be allowed an extra personal day or several half-days to help support their educational goals that, in turn, support their career with the company.

 Offer Online Training

For small HR departments, offering an online training component can be a great help. For instance, HR pros can video themselves providing training one time, but employees can access that training via the internet whenever they need it. Not only is this cost-effective, but it’s also a helpful assistance for employees who can access the training on their own time or whenever they need to revisit it.

If you are facing budget constraints–and who isn’t–these tips may help support your organization’s training needs. In essence, they are best practices, your company is likely to capitalize on and enjoy positive results right away.

By Sophia Sanchez, MA, SPHR