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Encourage Workplace Collaboration For Improved Productivity

Workforce Advisory Services

Business success is achieved with joint efforts. When individuals or departments work in silos, objectives and goals are hard to realize. Internal and external collaboration or teamwork is essential for operational efficiency and financial success.

What is workplace collaboration?

Workplace collaboration happens when teams, departments or employees work together, collaboratively, to achieve company goals. This allows employees to share ideas and reach a creative solution.

It gives employees the opportunity to exchange ideas and skills, and utilize the diverse nature of the team in a better way.

How to promote workplace collaboration?

To reach creative solution and improve company-wide communication, internal and external collaboration should be encouraged.

Integrate collaboration

Collaboration should come naturally. Employees who treat collaboration as an additional task fail to deliver result. That’s why it’s important to make collaboration an organic part of the workflow.

A survey revealed that 72 percent of employees were willing to collaborate in person, 23 percent prefer online, and 5 percent via phone and video conference. Determine the preferred mode of collaboration in your organization and make it a part of the workflow.

If employees don’t want to stop work for a 2-hour conference call, provide them with a better alternative. Access to relevant information and ease in information sharing simplifies the collaboration process.

Optimal use of technology

Cloud computing has improved the functionality of virtual teams. You don’t need one-on-one meetings for minor changes in deadlines.

Employees have become avid users of collaboration Apps and software. 28 percent of employees have already started using collaboration apps in workplace. Choose a collaboration platform that aligns with the culture and the nature of your business.

Collaborative culture

Company culture and ergonomics should promote collaboration. This means you need to ditch the old cubicles and adopt an office layout that facilitates open communication.

Open workplace layout allows communications and discussions in a more natural and organic manner.

Reward collaboration

If your company awards individual performance, employees will solely focus on individual productivity. Instead, promote collaboration by rewarding team success.

Avoid micromanaging your teams

Management intervention completely defeats the purpose of teamwork. Allow your teams to reach decisions and solutions without your help. In the long-run, this will reduce your work and provide more autonomy to employees.

Provide your employees the time and resources it needs to effectively communicate within teams and inter-department. Make sure that each employee knows that they aren’t only working toward departmental success, but also company-wide success.

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