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Get a New Workforce Without Hiring or Firing Anyone

Breathe new life into your workforce, and improve employer-employee relations without changing the faces. In this day and age, a paycheck just doesn’t cut it anymore. Employers spend a lot of time and money training their workforce, and high employee turnover does not bode well with your customers, and ultimately your bottom line. Creating and maintaining strong relationships with your employees is just as important as your relationship with your customers.

Communication: As in all relationships, communication is key. Your employees are your first line of communication with your customers. How your employees interact with your customers is the impression that they will have of your business. By being open to suggestions from your employees as to what resources they can bring in, it will allow them to do their job more effectively, and make them feel more valued and respected. It helps to instil loyalty, and the more loyalty they feel the more they do without being asked or pulling teeth. Brainstorming sessions are great for getting the creative ideas flowing, and you may discover assets that you never had or needed. It pays to listen to the people who interact with your customers, and do the work. Ignore and don’t engage them, you are sure to have a poisoned work environment. Treat your employees as if they are customers, and see the change in all aspects of your business.

Recognition and Rewards:   Many employers overlook the talent pool readily available to them by hiring outside of the company. Reward your employees by providing development opportunities, leading to hiring within your company first. When employees know they have a chance of a promotion, they work harder. Which further instils loyalty and employee retention. Offer incentives such as bonuses for reaching a sales goal over and beyond expectations. Or if on a time sensitive project, offer some extra time off with pay for meeting or exceeding the deadline. Be more flexible with their schedules, and make allowances for your employee’s personal needs. Some things just can’t be done outside of office hours, and if you afford them the opportunity to make up that time, it eases the stress they may be experiencing, and keep it out of the work environment. Offer to pay for all or part of tuition fees for skills upgrading related to your business’ needs, it’s cheaper than a new hire because you still will need to get him or her up to speed with your company’s specific needs. Inform them of and allow them time to attend free workshops and seminars related to their work functions.

Allow your staff to recharge their batteries, treat them as valuable assets, and observe the change in your business.

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