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A Guide to Starting a Workplace Mentoring Program

Apprenticeship is a concept that has been followed for decades, and it’s essential that this custom is incorporated in the modern workplace to make learning and growth an easier process.

So, here is a guide for you to start an effective mentoring plan at your workplace.

Device a Structure

If your organization has decided to start a mentoring program, they would also need to have a specific goal in mind—like whether the organization wants to build a future leader, welcome newcomers, or develop a certain skill set.

When a concrete goal is set, only then can an effective curriculum be set in place. Many companies do not fully understand what goals to achieve or how to select the correct people to become mentors. In such cases, a human resource advisory could be brought on board.

Train your Mentors

The success of a mentoring program is highly dependent on the abilities of its mentors. Therefore, it is better to get your selected mentors in boot-camps to become the best teachers, and learn three of these basic things

1)The importance of mentoring: Only when a mentor fully understands the need and objective of the program, can he or she transfer it to the mentees.

2)Set expectations: People have big hopes and aspiration from these programs—promotions or raise. Streamline objectives and set the likely outcome of the relationship.

3)Structure of the relationship: The pair or group need to decide the nature and process the mentoring would follow. A detailed process of establishment, agreement, learning and closure should be set.

Pairing: Mix and Match

The next step is to pair mentor with a mentee. There are several pairing methods, some organizations pair employees on a one-to-one basis while others mentor in a group.

The best approach is to determine what a person wants to obtain or offer to the mentoring relationship. This way, you can streamline people with similar interest.

McGraw-Hill also suggests conducting detailed interview before the commencement of a mentoring relationship. Then again, it is always advisable to approach a human resource services to get a detailed need analysis.

Evaluate and Closure

After starting a mentoring program, a vigilant evaluation and feedback is imperative! You can promptly address any early conflicts between mentor and mentees. Make sure a friendly way is approached when a mentoring relationship is discontinued.

When the program has achieved its objectives, the best way for a closure is to revise all the learning and celebrate your success and part on a good note.


Communicate effectively about the mentoring program to make sure that the workplace is completely aware regarding the needs and objectives. Moreover, to set up a professional mentoring program, call DFRI Employee Relation Services. We provide expert advice and customized HR solutions to ensure a smooth work experience with positive team dynamics.