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High Turnover Rate? Retain Employees With Meaningful Job Roles

Human Resource Consulting Services

Are employees slipping away from your stronghold even after offering market-competitive compensation packages?

Pay and benefits can attract employees, but there’s no guarantee that an employee will remain loyal. A Gallup survey revealed that more than half of your company’s employees may be actively seeking new jobs.

Major reasons for employee leaving a job includes poor pay and benefits, lack of career growth opportunities, poor relationship with management, company culture and the job role itself.

Job roles that lack significant purpose fail to engage and retain employees. Employee feel dejected and unimportant, as their contribution to the company’s goal is negligible. The source of worthiness, importance and purpose will differ for every employee. You need to help them find and identify meaning in their current role.

Validation helps

Recognition plays a huge role in retaining and engaging employees.

A study conducted on group of employees (who were recognized for their work in the past 6-months) revealed that 93 percent of recognized employees believed their work had meaning.

Appreciate the efforts of your employee. Things like ‘employee of the month’ and company awards are a great way to celebrate and motivate employees.

Even recognition from peers help employees find purpose and meaning at their job. Lead by example. Appreciate and praise employees who perform well at their job on a routine basis.

Job with a cause or purpose

Evaluate the bigger picture when constructing a job description. Determine what role does the job plays in company’s goal achievement. How will the job impact your bottom-line? And how can the new employee impact the company as a whole?

Employees need to consciously realize that their work matters, and their absence will directly impact the company on the whole. This feeling of ‘I matter’ motivates employees to show up for work and perform diligently.

A sense of community

The need of belongingness is strong in humans. They want to be a part of a community that has a purpose. Belonging to a community provides value in life and fulfils the emotional needs of the employees.

Encourage employees to join employee clubs and service groups. Active participation in social work allows company and employees to work together for a bigger cause. Provide your employees a community and environment that makes them proud.

Encourage career growth

A job that adds value to employee’s skills and knowledge will keep them engaged. Encourage employees to learn new skills by diversifying their current role or by providing skill and development training.

Facilitate their growth-needs by enhancing their scope of work. Job rotation or job enrichment can be used to train employees in various aspects of the business.

Help your employees find meaning at work with help of DFRIHR. Our Human Resource Consulting Services located in Dallas, TX, helps various industries in drafting meaningful job roles that attract and retain top-talent in the market.

We provide managers, business owners, and HR professionals with employee-centric strategies to develop a healthy and engaging relationship with the organization. Call 1-877-803-3486 to avail our HR consultancy services.