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How Can Manufacturing Sector Drive Results With HR Strategies?

HR Strategies

US manufacturing industry is renowned for its productivity around the world. Around 18.2 percent of the world’s goods are produced in the US. In 2017, manufacturing sector added around 11.6 percent of value to the GDP.

This total contribution can be further improved by implementing result-oriented HR strategies.

Challenges faced by the manufacturing sector

Recruiting and retaining

8 out of 10 manufacturers consider recruiting and retaining of skilled and talented employees a great challenge.  Identifying and targeting quality candidate pool has become difficult for employers.

Deficient skill set

Manufacturing processes are technical in nature and require experienced and trained professionals. A survey conducted by Deloitte revealed a skill-gap in manufacturing sector. Employees belonging to manufacturing industry; possess 70 percent of computer and technology skills, 69 percent of problem-solving skills, 60 percent of math skills, and 67 percent of technical skills.

The skill gap further contributes to succession gap, which increases HR expenditure as vacancies in higher-level of management can’t be filled in time.

Safety challengeSafety Challenge

Employees face great physical danger in the manufacturing sector. Production processes can be unsafe at times, if necessary prevention measures are not taken. Millions of dollars are lost when employees sustain an injury or get sick.

Changes In HR Strategies

Better job description

In order to fill vacancies with qualified candidates, a comprehensive recruitment process needs to be created.

Determine the qualification, technical and interpersonal skills requirement for a role to create a detailed job description.

Develop a thorough screening process to shortlist best candidates and offer compensation and benefits package to attract and retain top-talent. The manufacturing industry has seasonal and year-round recruitment needs. Devise a cost-effective recruitment strategy to get the right talent pool throughout the year.

Develop a better compensation and benefits plan

In order to acquire top-talent, conduct an industry-wide compensation and benefits research. Determine the industry average and position yourself in a competitive, yet cost-effective manner to attract quality candidates.

Offer perks that resonate with your employees to enhance engagement. Align your perks with the company objectives. Re-evaluate your benefits after few years. This will improve your market-appeal in the long-run.

Training and development

Employees are company assets that need to be trained to achieve long-term goals.

Introduce apprenticeship programs to fill the skill-gap that exists in the workforce. Develop a continual talent training program that equips employees with new skills and knowledge. Prepare your employees to take up leadership roles by training them across different functions of the company. Training and development seminars can also be conducted to develop interpersonal and technical skills of employees.

Safety at work

Safety training should be a priority of every manufacturing company. Motivate your employees to practice safe-procedures by rewarding good behavior. Conduct safety drills and equip your employees with essential safety equipment. If your company has seen an increase in workplace injuries and illnesses, consider revising your procedures.

Employee-employer relationship

Disengaged employees don’t remain loyal to a company. Maintain a healthy professional relationship with your employees. Invest in employee socializing events, recognize their contribution, and develop a transparent reporting mechanism for their grievance.

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