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How Managerial Responsibilities will Change in the Future

Looking out somewhat longer term, managers will be responsible for the candidate and employee-experience. Engagement and retention will center on the experience of what it’s like to work in their department, and ultimately the company. To some extent, it already is. The younger generations expect work to be really fun. That will lead to companies relying on front-line managers for many aspects of their processes and systems. Organizations looking to engage and retain employees, for example, will need to start by empowering their managers to do the same. That means offering ample daily support beyond onboarding and training programs. In this emerging shift, no longer will human resources departments be responsible for managing and evaluating employee relations.

Many organizations have already decimated their human resources department. They are relying on skilled managers to carry out these tasks. Team leaders are expected to seize the opportunity and exercise more autonomy in guiding the people who work for them. As a result of this movement, managers are taking over functions that have traditionally been the responsibility of traditional HR departments.

In general, organizations are looking to find already skilled managers, which in turn are in limited supply. As pressure continues to rise for companies to move much faster than the typical corporate bureaucracy can facilitate, managers have to be ready. They must be prepared to assume such an assertive role, adopting to a bottom-down philosophy that is bound to prevail inside most organizations. Every team leader therefore, will need to develop the skills and mindset to successfully manage this way.

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