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How to Achieve Employee Buy-in of Your Company’s Culture (Continued)

4- Quickly address issues that run contrary to your culture.

It’s important to establish and communicate those actions that actually matter to an organization. These actions include behaviors, such as employee recruitment practices that reflect a company’s culture. Likewise, a manager’s willingness to take substantive actions in response to an employee’s problematic behavior has a positive effect on employee engagement — a decisive factor in productivity and employee tenure.


5- Establish lofty objectives that reflect your culture and observe wins as a group.

By using strategy to align employee objectives to the company’s culture, the company can easily reward employees when their actions support the company’s strategy.  For instance, Google and Apple cultures align with strategies that focus on innovation. Consequently, the companies grant liberal rewards and recognition to any employee who develops the “next big thing.”

Employee retention rates, financial performance and operating efficiencies are aspects of a company’s operations that a company’s culture can positively or negatively affect. For this reason, it’s important that C-level executives make great efforts to improve their company’s culture and align their business strategy with that culture. Once a leader decides what a company culture should be, he must successfully implement it.  These five practices will help in this regard.

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