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How to Handle Employee Relations Issues

At DFRI, our employee relations specialists tackle employer-employee relations as well as the relations employees share with each other.

We resolve formal and informal complaints within the workplace after thoroughly assessing the situation. In addition, we investigate employee turnover and seek to boost productivity by enhancing employee communication.

Solving employee-relations problems requires experts that understand labor and employment laws and are able to implement fitting policies and laws that mitigate employee conflicts.

Our team of experts uses its knowledge and expertise to manage the workplace as efficiently as they can; enabling you to concentrate on core tasks.

Here are a few ways to handle employee relations issues:

1)Having ongoing communication with employees

If the atmosphere in the office feels similar to that of a school classroom during a test, there’s a problem.

Employees need to know that they are looked at as humans, not robots. The office shouldn’t be a place where employees walk in, sit in front of the computer the whole day and then leave with the clock strikes 5 pm.

It’s imperative that managers and HR personnel interact with employees on a regular basis. Employees need to feel valued for them to be satisfied at the workplace so it helps when their managers and HR personnel check up on them frequently and are cognizant of any issues that may be surfacing.

2)Familiarize staff with the handbook

Handbooks are shared with employees during their first week of employment and then they are forgotten. HR personnel and managers should be familiar with the employee handbook even if everyone else is not.

The department should be able to provide valid interpretations of the policies contained in the handbook and apply them correctly when needed.

Many employee issues can be managed with policies of the handbook.

3)Participate in employee orientations and manager trainings

Employee orientations should be led by HR personnel to ensure that newcomers understand company policies. HR personnel should also be present during manager trainings to reinforce their position as a trusted advisor in the organization.

4)Maintaining confidentiality is key

It is essential that employees know that they can confide with the HR department without fear that their conversation will be shared with others. Employee issues need to be handled with professionalism and integrity.

If you aren’t able to successfully resolve workplace conflicts on your own, give DFRI a call at 1-877-803-3486. As a Human Resources Advisory firm, our team of experts has years of experience of handling workplace conflicts effectively.

Don’t let your productivity decline due to conflicts at the workplace. Get in touch today!