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How to Improve English Among Foreign Staff

As emerging markets increase in importance and reach, a key issue experienced by many managers is communication. Employees’ proficiency in the language is of increasing importance. As well as impacting internal communication, poor English can strongly affect Public Relations and external communications. Here we present two practical ways in which the foreign manager can ensure that high standards of written and spoken English are maintained in their organization.

Provide English Training for Staff

In order to maintain communication standards managers should also integrate English learning in corporate training. Ensure that you draft a training report with a clear objective so that you could monitor progress and better understand the changing needs of your staff. In order to support English improvement, you should also consider assigning a separate budget for English, including English lessons and learning materials.

Improve Customer Service by Improving Spoken English

It is also important to devote sufficient resources for spoken English. Even if staff members are proficient with their use of written English – in emails and reports – it does not mean that they can demonstrate the same level of proficiency in spoken English. Spoken English however can often be the most important aspect as clients deal with employees over the phone and during meetings and presentations. In order to demonstrate your commitment to excellent English therefore you should design a questionnaire for clients which can identify any areas where miscommunication hampers the customer experience. This can be included in the English training plan.

In this era of globalization it is essential that your company pride itself on its English. No longer is the ability to communicate in English a luxury. It is a point of difference which can guarantee success in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Improving the quality of your staff’s spoken English can improve both internal communication and global image of the company.

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