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Improving Ergonomics To Ensure Workplace Safety

Safety pic Employers are now more focused than ever before to provide an absolutely safe environment. Improving ergonomics is facilitating the same to a significant extent. It is nothing but the science of workplace designing with an aim to reduce employee fatigue while considering his capabilities or limitations. Poor workplace design often leads to an increased fatigue, and this becomes a cause of frustration at work. As a result, the productivity is decreased sharply. Moreover, a poorly designed workplace also increases the chance of falls, trips, muscle strain and many more injuries, which cost the organization heavily.

Wet floor, entangled wires, loose flooring and poorly lit walkways are some of the common reasons for workplace injuries in most organizations. When an employer invests time and resources in improving ergonomics, it gives a loud message to all the employees that they are valued by their company and this result not only in an improved workplace safety but also a better employee engagement at work. As there is extreme competitiveness in the market, it is essential to ensure workplace safety and over the years, ergonomics has emerged as the best way to ensure the same.

Ergonomics also promoted a better safety culture that all employees follow diligently and just remember that healthy employees are the strongest asset of any company. It is best for employers to invest in ergonomics than to experience the cost associated with employee absenteeism, which is inevitable in a poor workplace design.

There are multiple ways to improve ergonomics and safety in the workplace, but it is best to do it while having a complete understanding of the organization’s challenges.

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Do an Ergonomic Audit

This will provide a fair understanding of what should be required to improve safety in the workplace. This can be done by interviewing your employees and careful observation. You can even create a checklist to do the audit or assessment. In short, it is possible to know the challenges your employees are facing every day at work because of inadequate lighting, restriction in movement, constraints on posture, uneven flooring, and steps without handrails. Moreover, the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act 2005 have made this mandatory for all employers to ensure a safe workplace for their employees. Devising an ergonomic program will become easier with such an audit.

Hire an Ergonomist

Many companies are already hiring ergonomists to ensure a safe workplace for their workers. A qualified ergonomist is the best person to help you in setting up the right kind of workstations and will concentrate to bring a solution for other problem areas in an affordable way. The investment that you will do today will get paid off in the long term with a reduced number of workplace injuries, more productivity due to reduced absenteeism and many more benefits.

Train your Employees

Conducting workshops on workplace safety is very important. This will create awareness among employees on how they can identify potential safety hazards and report to management about the same. This will also put your employees under less stress at work, and they can focus more on their respective tasks.  With the incorporation of new technologies at the workplace, employee are experiencing more dynamic workplace structures which should be safe, and this can be achieved only if companies aim for zero workplace injuries.

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