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Is Human Resources the right career for me?

Below is the answer to one of the questions I get asked the most during my advisory and seminar sessions

Human Resources departments play an integral role for today’s businesses and organizations. Though widely known for their responsibilities associated with the hiring process and benefits management, HR professionals also perform many administration-related functions like policy creation, and they also provide training as required by their organization. For career-minded people who want to work with people in a business environment, HR may be the right career path for you.

 HR Overview

HR departments are typically responsible for recruiting employees, conducting interviews, facilitating background and reference checks, managing benefits, training and developing staff, and working closely with organizational management to help manage all personnel. Depending on the organization in question, other roles may be assigned to this key department. The optimum management of human resources is important to business globally. Nowadays, HR professionals are required to have substantial business education behind them, they often move into company executive positions and may certainly become eligible for CEO positions.

 Becoming an HR Professional

HR pros usually have a considerable amount of business education behind them. A formal business degree is strongly required; however, some employees may find that other degrees lead them to an HR degree too. Business experience coupled with a marketing or communications degree may also be considered. A Master’s degree in HR management is ideal, of course, as this formal background will provide the HR pro with helpful coursework regarding labor laws, economics, business management, statistics, and accounting.

 A Career in HR

A willingness to work with people at all levels of the business spectrum is a key ingredient for a successful career in HR. HR pros work with senior executives as well as brand new employees possibly beginning their professional careers for the first time. People skills coupled with excellent training abilities are essential assets of the successful HR pro. Excellent organizational skills are a must since HR departments are responsible for varied tasks such as the management of benefits and the development of training platforms. People who enjoy variety may find the various hats an HR professional must wear suit them as well.

Working in HR is a great way to launch your business career. Because HR staff members should be involved to some extent at all levels of the business, they are key players that net valuable experience as they work alongside organizational leaders. Some companies may even offer HR development and training. If you do not have a formal business background but want to explore a career in HR, you might consider such training.

By Sophia Sanchez, MA, SPHR


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