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One of the most desirable benefits of choosing a 360 evaluation process over other methods is its high tendency to bring about behavioral change and performance improvement in the workplace. When the organization’s culture and the employees within are not prepared and educated on the process, this desired outcome is not always achieved and the process can backfire on the organization. Behavioral reaction, motivation, and commitment to the review process are good indicators of how ready the organization is in taking full advantage of the 360 review process.

Top 3 signs the workplace is not ready

1. Employees dread receiving 360 degree feedback – The anticipated moment of reviewing what others have said about once performance and interaction is an emotionally stressful time. The employee is generally very interested in the 360 degree program at the beginning. The interest level in the process and the peers involved can fade however, negatively affecting the program’s success.

2. The quality of the employee /manager relationship – The employee’s comfort level with the process; acceptance of the feedback; the time commitment the employee is willing and able to make to the process and the employee’s motivation to change behavior and improve performance. Without the commitments of the organizational leaders, the employees, and the manager, the 360 review program will be ineffective.

3. The culture of the organization – In general, there are both benefits and potential problems associated with 360 degree reviews, especially if used as an evaluation system rather than an integrated personal development technique. Regardless of the absence of measurable effectiveness, 360 degree reviews offer employees something traditional review processes do not, an opportunity to receive feedback from the perspective of a well- rounded group of people.

While feedback is a vital part of performance growth and development. Individuals entrusted to be part of the process should understand what impact they have in the process. In order to be persistently successful, people and organizations need to adapt to a culture that is conducive to the process. The more active and open the feedback loops, the more effective the adaptation and change can be. With the correct approach, the 360 process, continue to offer the potential to deepen employee’s understanding of their own performance. Getting everyone on board, starting with the management team is crucial for success.

By Sophia Sanchez, SPHR

Principal Consultant – Develop For Results International
Author of  “The Development Alternative: Powerful Strategies for unparalleled Business Results”
For more information about our Human Resource Consulting services to include 360 reviews and performance management please visit DevelopForResults.com

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