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Perspective on Employee Engagement and Retention

In today’s workplace it’s hard not to notice how engagement and retention determines the future of organizational success. Unhappy employees are not only underperforming and increasing the cost of turnover and retention, they are also letting prospective know to avoid the company. Thanks to social media, and new developments in technology, unhappy employees are the media. Issues affecting engagement and retention can no longer be in the back burner of organizational decisions. The sooner engagement is addressed as an actionable alternative to retention, recruiting, and training cost, the sooner companies can start growing revenue and achieve results. Together, executives and HR leaders should work on aligning organizational culture to meet engagement and retention objectives. Resolving disparities between the organization’s vision and those objectives is key.

By Sophia Sanchez, PhD(c), SPHR

Founder and Principal Consultant
Develop For Results International
Author of  “The Development Alternative: Powerful Strategies for unparalleled Business Results”

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