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Providing the Training Employees Need

Trg picAn important role of every manager’s job is developing the employees of his or her department to ensure that current and future job needs can be met. Training can develop basic skills, improve existing abilities and help employees to keep up with changes in the workplace involving technology, new structures, and regulations. Also important is the fact that training is not the answer to fixing problem employees who are not interested in learning a job, improving performance, or lack the basic skills, abilities, or education necessary to perform on the job. Here are some factors to consider when asking your company to release training funds:

  • What would be the long and short-term impact of the training?
  • How would the training benefit the organization?
  • How would the training increase the productivity of the employees?
  • How widespread is the need for the training?
  • Are those needs a priority for top management?
  • Is there a time frame within which the training must be completed?
  • How would operation be affected?
  • How would the cost of the training affect your budget and overall resources?

In short, training dollars are should be viewed as an investment in employees. As a result, there should be measurable goals set around the training objectives, directly linked to improving productivity, quality and waste management. Periodic performance checks help to reinforce the knowledge acquired in the training. When your trainable employees fail to improve in performance, consider revising the training, implement individual performance improvement plans, and/or counseling to resolve the problem.

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