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Signs Boredom Prevails In Your Office

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Employee boredom often tends to go unnoticed; on the surface, everything appears to be tranquil, but the truth is, your employee is highly dissatisfied with his work and is planning to jump ship.

When employees reach a plateau, dissatisfaction creeps in. The management has no clue about the impending doom until an employee hands in his resignation letter. Identify professionally bored employees with these signs to reduce employee turnover.

The Attendance

Red flags should go up if a punctual employee starts arriving late regularly or leaves early.  Disengaged employees aren’t particular about timings, and lack motivation to achieve project goals.

The moment employees feel their job role has no real value, they start availing sick and casual leaves. Keep in mind these traits can also be result of other factors; analyze the employee’s performance history to determine the reason behind this change.

Negative attitude Employee Relations Consultants

Negative attitudes spread like wildfire.

Employees begin to resent the employer for not engaging or facilitating their career growth. They interact and share their negativity with other employees and impact the work-environment on a whole.


When a job role is not challenging enough for employees, they start losing focus, getting distracted and looking forward to socializing opportunities.

Bored employees also create distraction for other employees by engaging in long discussions, taking too many coffee breaks, or delaying reports required by other team members. This can severely impact the productivity of the entire team.

Lack of participation in meetings

Participation and eagerness to get recognized decreases. They may slack, arrive late to meetings, and not participate in discussion. These habits can set a bad example for other employees and impact your group’s productivity.

Eager for the pay-check

If the sole reason for an employee to show up for work is to get his pay-check, then he/she definitely lacks motivation. Employees seek meaning and value from the job they perform.

Bare minimum

If the employee is doing the bare minimum to meet average productivity goals, and shows lack of interest in work or progress, you need to reconsider their job role.

What to do about professional bored employees

  • Simply ask if the employee is losing interest in his current job role. Ask how the company can facilitate his career growth and provide him with relevant opportunities.
  • Set challenging goals quarterly; give them the resources to achieve those.
  • Challenge employees with new roles and diverse projects that are not part of the employee’s normal work load.
  • Ask your employees to set clear career goals and see how you can facilitate the journey.

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