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DFRI offers guidance and advice to employees, supervisors and leaders on work-related issues and concerns by providing an environment where employees feel safe participating in a process supportive of their right to report and resolve workplace concerns. We ensure consistent interpretation and application of our clients’ workplace policies, practices and procedures.

A specialist will work directly with a client’s department or worksite to gather valuable input on the perceptions of the current work environment.  Our Employee Relations Services is designed to assist individuals and departments on how to work through problems and differences to make the work environment more positive, enjoyable and less stressful.

We focus on promoting good management practices and workplace behaviors, positive working environment and relationships, on complying with Human Resources Policies and Procedures, and conducting timely and effective workplace investigations.  In addition, we regularly train managers and supervisors on how to manage difficult conversations and conduct thorough, comprehensive and valid workplace investigations that mitigate the threat of risk and deliver optimal results.


  • ♦ Conducting interviews with all parties involved in the investigation

  • ♦ Preparing timely workplace investigation reports

  • ♦ Providing post-investigation advice and recommendations

  • ♦ Delivering preventive in-house workplace investigation training

  • ♦ Maintaining strict confidentiality during investigation proceedings

  • ♦ Delivering in-house workplace investigation remedial actions


  • ♦ Workplace policy design and implementation

  • ♦ Assist employees in understanding policies and in effectively following internal procedures.

  • ♦ Deliver confidential consultation regarding workplace issues

  • ♦ Facilitate dialogue on difficult employee/employer issues

  • ♦ Offer advice to supervisors and employees regarding employment-related and performance challenges

  • ♦ Coordinate procedures on disciplinary actions and terminations

  • ♦ Deliver in-house communication training to employees and supervisors

  • ♦ Employee conflict mediation, morale, and cultural awareness


Improper terminations that result in wrongful dismissal claims, recurring sexual harassment accusations, extended workplace investigations, workplace accidents, poor attendance management, allegations of discrimination, favoritism or bullying, and employee misconduct–including fraud —they’re the type of potentially costly workplace issues that can shake any organization and its leaders.  Together, these events have a significant impact on workplace culture, productivity, morale, and even bottom-line results.  Our Employee Relations Services help organizations to…


Employees and supervisors learn how to talk about violated expectations in a way that yields two-way accountability and allows desired progress to be made.


Reinforcement of the skills acquired in our in-house training leads to faster problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution.


When issues are resolved and business focus is restored, productivity increases, relationships are strengthened, and high-performance cultures are formed.

Problem-solving at your Fingertips

Timely resolution of employee disputes has a drastic effect on employee morale and loyalty to your organization. Having such an environment improves employee retention, in doing so the cost of recruitment, hiring and training is cut drastically. For most businesses the high cost of employee turnover outweighs the cost of the employee relations programs. When employee turnover is low it ensures that your company has a trained and skilled set of employees. One of the key reasons why DFRI’s service is so popular, is that it keeps your functional and support departments running smoothly.

By providing guidelines for conflict resolution in the workplace or directly managing staff issues effectively, DFRI employee relations services can significantly enhance staff relationships in an organization and allow businesses to solve employee problems in a productive manner.  Our pricing is flexible depending on clients’ needs.   In addition to the on-demand advisory packages below, we offer hourly and retained packages that are delivered on-site.  Training-only packages are also available.

No Employee Relations Staff? No Problem

Clients who have completely outsourced their Human Resource and training departments find DFRI services to be of great value to their managers and supervisors. They call us with questions regarding everyday employee challenges, DFRI provides the answers with the help of our employee relations programs.

Only a part-time admin? Call us for answers

Clients who have part-time Human Resource help, use our service to supplement their current process.
DFRI human resource services and strategic employee relations programs serve to support your managers when your HR admin is not available. DFRI answer questions from your admin when he/she needs extra support. When your management team needs a proven intervention to resolve a specific workplace challenge, we are here to help.

Have a full staff, but more employee conflict than they can handle?

No longer do managers or HR staff have to suffer the effects of poor management because of employee conflicts. Avoid wasting time in meaningless conflicts and disputes, rather, concentrate on strategic tasks. DFRI’s sole purpose is to solve employee problems, so you don’t have to.

Take advantage of this Dynamic service Today!

Business Package

Personal Packages

Platinum $4900
  • Unlimited calls 6 days a week
  • Unlimited phone, chats, and email reporting
  • Unlimited follow ups
  • Up to 15 designated account custodians
  • Custodian rotation upon request
  • Access to monthly virtual resource offerings
  • Six months membership
  • Eligible for automatic renewal of membership
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Gold $3900
  • Unlimited calls 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)
  • Unlimited phone, chats, and email reporting (Mon-Fri only)
  • Unlimited follow ups (Mon-Fri only)
  • Up to 10 designated account custodians
  • Custodian rotation upon request
  • Access to monthly virtual resource offerings
  • Six month membership
  • Eligible for automatic renewal of membership
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Weekend only $2900
  • Unlimited calls 2 days a week (Mon and Fri only)
  • Unlimited phone, chats, and email reporting (Mon and Fri only)
  • Up to 5 designated account custodians
  • Custodian rotation upon request
  • Access to monthly virtual resource offerings
  • Six months membership
  • Renewal of membership by invitation only
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What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

What Our Happy Customers Have To Say


“A very streamlined process. DFRI offered more than what we bargained for. My line managers swear by the service. I would recommend DFRI time and time again.

Carl Gomez, VP of Operations
Manufacturing Industry


“Amazingly Simple. All I can say is better them than us. There is nothing fun about dealing with employee issues all day, but the team at DFRI make it seems painless. My managers were hooked by the third week.”

Lee Abbott
Manufacturing Industry


“Flexible, and well-coordinated with great support staff. The time saver alone make the service well worth the price. A great support for our line managers and team leads.”

Jason Schawrtz, Regional Director
Hospitality Industry