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Employee Development – Does it Really Grow Revenue?

Many studies and research have taken place around this topic but the question in many business leaders mind remains – Why do it?

We could come up with a list of reasons, in essence they would all point to the simple fact that progressive training and development of employees is essential for the success of any business that wants to rise to unprecedented heights. The employees of a company are its greatest asset, and it is imperative that certain steps be taken to ensure the proper nurturing and growth of the employees themselves.

Almost every organization has a group of employees who we at DFRI like to call the feeding parasites. These groups  could come up with a of workers work only to fulfill the minimum requirements of their positions, and give nothing more to the company. The reason behind their lethargic performance is that they have either lost their motivation, or have completely given up the pursuit of their career dreams.

On the other hand, there are certain people who are high performers and give their best to the company. They are highly motivated individuals who have dreams of improving their careers and they work hard to achieve their goals.  Business leaders and managers have to face and lead both types of people, and anyone who falls in between the two categories. As a leader, you have to manage your workforce in a way that increases the number of people in the latter group, rather than in the former.

When it comes to workforce management, employee learning and development programs play a vital role not only in improving the skills and abilities of your employees, but also retaining them in this cutting-edge world of business. Managers have to make sure that they bring their underachieving employees up to an acceptable standard, while ensuring that the high achievers do not lose their motivation – or move on to other businesses.

Throughout this blog we discuss the importance and necessity of imparting professional learning and development to employees in order to enhance their productivity levels, and ultimately your desired business or departmental goals.  Stay tuned for more on this topic.

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