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The Hallmark of Today’s Managerial Expectations

What is true today is that we don’t have a separate management team and human resources department anymore. Resolving workplace and employee issues can’t be closed off in a box and left to the Human resources department. Managers and supervisors are no longer part of the organization chart, they constitute the entire chart.

While this phenomenon might be obvious about companies, and competition, managers also must consider what this means for their career. It’s imperative to think about what changes you’ll make in your career as a result.   The hallmark of today’s organizations is that things are always changing. Therefore, managers should always expect that their job will always be changing. Today’s popular software, device, or system ended up in the back of the closet with all of the other gadgets of yesteryear. That meant that the technology industry that built the gadgets had to always be keeping up: learning new skills, experimenting with new technologies, trying out new things.

The same is true for a management career. It’s no longer going to be enough to assume responsibility for the functional tasks, manage operations, and slowly make your way up to the ladder over the years. Companies need managers who are able to help them win employee commitment despite the chaos. Managers who can thrive, engage employees, and grow efficiency and morale in their departments when the industry, and competitors, and even customers are changing in a turbulent, unpredictable way. For managers and their career this means that yesterday’s wins do not ensure tomorrow’s future. What’s required of you is not that you learned something valuable once upon a time, but that you are constantly learning and engaging in new processes.

Learning new skills, understanding the new dynamics, and thriving in a new competitive environment. It’s not a light burden, and managers should be aware of that. It will take time and resources, and attention. It means setting aside the time to pick up new workplace management skills. It means attending industry trade shows. It means paying a little more attention to the employee management trend articles that get passed around on social media and your company mailing lists. It means once in a while, being the person that finds these articles and pass them around on the company mailing list. But in an economy where support functions such as Human Resources, Payroll, and Training are continually outsourced, there is no industry, no company, and no career that can succeed without embracing change.

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