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Tips to Improve Employee Communication

Employee communication was an unheard concept decades ago. Back in the day, managers made all the decisions with little input from their subordinates.

Times have changed, and so have businesses. Businesses today recognize the importance or eliminating communication barriers and adopting a more decentralized approach.

If you haven’t given employee communication a thought so far, it’s time you start.

Successful employee communication allows business leaders to tap into the unexplored potential of their subordinates. How would you know Sam’s knowledge of Digital Marketing if you’ve never spoken to him?

With effective communication, you learn more about your employees’ knowledge, insights and interests which you can use to your advantage. Improving employee communication makes it easier for employees to contribute new ideas, boosts employee satisfaction and raise productivity.

Check out these tips on improving employee communication:

1) Promote positive company culture

Share the company’s mission and values with all employees. Provide employees with a sense of purpose by making them feel like integral components of the organization; let them know that their contributions matter.

Major corporations come up with specific organizational goals every 5 years or so. They arrange conferences to share these new goals with subordinates. The goals are then integrated in the team’s day-today activities. This way all employees know exactly how they are helping the company achieve its goals.

2) Open avenues of communication

Many companies have installed internal instant messaging services on their staff’s computers. Such services make it easier for employees to communicate with one another.

3) Encourage inter-department coordination

Employees become narrow-sighted when they only work within their team. Encourage employees from different departments to coordinate on projects. It allows them to gain information on how various departments of the company contribute to the bigger goals.

4) Hold internal employee events

Give your employees opportunities to meet each other in informal settings. Seeing coworkers in a different setting gives them a chance to develop a more personal bond with each other.

5) Improve vertical communication

Vertical (manager-employee) communication is the toughest in most organizations. Ask managers to work closely with employees. Encourage them to keep up-to-date on their subordinates’ tasks with weekly team meetings. It helps employees know that their managers are interested in what they are doing and are willing to offer advice when needed.

If you need help improving internal communication or resolving conflicts in the workplace, get in touch with DFRI today by 1-877-803-3486. We know the significance of effective workplace communication and its effects on productivity.