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What Value Employers Really Reap from a Job Fair?

Welcome to this last blog of 2017 and thank you for another wonderful year.  In addition to the blog contents, please stay tuned for our upcoming podcast in 2018.

Nowadays, jobs or career fairs come in many different forms.  In addition to the traditional settings, some are also happening virtually.  They range from on-campus sponsored career days to large programs at convention centers, run by private organizations.  Participation in a career fair can generate candidates and increase the visibility of your company as an employer.

The cost for participating in a career fair can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.  Before committing to the event, it’s good to speak with other employers that have attended the fair in the past to evaluate their experiences.  Consider obtaining a list of participating companies to determine whether the event is appropriate for your company.  If you are a small employer with a small booth, you’ll be lost in a sea of large employers with large booths.  Being a small fish in a large pond will probably not generate strong candidate traffic flow, and will certainly not improve visibility.

Plan ahead for effectiveness.  Follow these steps to increase your results:

  • Ensure that your booth is adequately staffed.  It will give many attendees their first impression of your company.  If you are attending an on-campus career fair consider having alumni at the booth.
  • Prepare a few key questions for each candidate who present a resume.  Asking the same questions will make it easier to rank and evaluate candidates.
  • Treat everyone who approaches the booth with respect.  Remember rules about appropriate and inappropriate interview questions, regardless of the fact that you are in a less formal setting.
  • Be prepared to inform promising candidates about the next step.  Have something at the booth that will attract candidates, such as giveaways, gifts, or marketing materials about your organization.  You do not need slick recruitment information to display a positive image.
  • Meet the representatives of other companies.  They can become part of your network for finding future candidates.

To your Success and all the best for 2018

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