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What Will Drive Human Resource Surveys in 100 Years?

Organizations often get involved in the survey process to get a feel for employees’ voice and feelings.  When staff feels unvalued, under-appreciated, or overlooked, they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere. With the same token, designing surveys that collect the desired information is key. The results in turn help to instill change, avoid staff turnover and create a productive and rewarding working environment.

Frustrated employees can only stop your organization from achieving its full potential. Asking the right questions to understand the source of their frustration helps you make real changes for lasting impact on individual and organizational performance. Ask the questions that unlock performance.

Organizations need to understand what will engage, motivate and enable their people to give their best; and what they need to improve decision-making, planning, and customer loyalty. Employee effectiveness framework demonstrates how employee engagement will only drive results. Transforming how organizations think about and drive performance. Tailor every aspect of the survey process for your organization’s unique vision, from questionnaire design to discussing results and formulating action plans.

An entirely new set of challenges is presented with the emergence of millennials in the workplace. The best and brightest talent are prepared to follow their own agenda and opportunities, wherever they may be and irrespective of who is offering them. Talent management has now become a key strategic tool, which places great responsibility on organizational leaders. Millennials value greater flexibility, appreciation, team collaboration and global opportunities, asking the right questions through surveys is not enough. Feedback must also be transformed into meaningful action. Surveys that identify which levers make employees happy and unhappy, and act on feedback to boost levels of satisfaction promote healthy work environment— resulting in better productivity for the company.

Ultimately effective organizational surveys will need to address manager effectiveness, satisfaction with the company and with their jobs, career training and development, the work environment, benefits, etc. Strive to address the following:

What courses, continuing education, or otherwise, do your employees need to meet their objectives? What do employees think of your company’s job training and development program? Do employees feel like this is a workplace that nurtures their career goals and ambitions? How would employees rate their job performance and satisfaction? Have they met the goals set at the beginning of the quarter or year? Were the goals set for them reasonable and attainable? Do employees feel that they are adequately compensated? Does the benefits package match the needs of the staff? Are there perks and benefits they would like to see? Do employees feel that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated? Do employees find their jobs and responsibilities to be rewarding? Do they feel challenged and do they still enjoy coming into the office every day? Is there another role that might allow for more fulfillment or better learning potential? How would employees rate your company and the work environment? Do employees feel stressed out by deadlines? Across departments, what are the employees’ opinions on management? Do supervisors and managers communicate expectations with their direct reports? Are the goals and vision of the company clear to all employees, across teams, departments, and locations? Are employees happy with the direction of the company? Do employees feel engaged with their job and the company? Is there an adequate work life balance? What do employees think of various employee relations issues? Do employees feel good about workplace safety and company ethics?

By Sophia Sanchez, SPHR

Principal Consultant – Develop For Results International
Author of  “The Development Alternative: Powerful Strategies for unparalleled Business Results”
For more information about our Human Resource Consulting services to include workplace climate surveys and interventions  please visit DevelopForResults.com

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