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Workplace Violence: Is Your Office Safe?

Employee Conflict Resolution Strategies

Spending 8–9 hours in a small cubicle, seven days a week, can be overwhelming. HR is used as the first line of defense to resolve workplace conflicts, but this department is also at the highest risk of experiencing violent acts.

What Does The Statistic Say?  

According to National Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistic, 15 percent of reported injuries related to work accounted for workplace violence.

The research also clarified that act of violence are a result of robbery rather than crime of passion.  16,380 nonfatal injuries (caused intentionally) were reported in 2015, which caused a loss of several working days and productivity in the industry.

On a positive note, a decline in trend was noticed, as 48,000 less cases were reported in 2015 compared to 2012. This figure can be further reduced by monitoring employee behavior and placing zero-tolerance policy in workplace.

Types Of Workplace Violence

The motives behind these violent acts might vary. You need to differentiate between them in order to determine risk factors involved in your business.

Theft or Robbery

The primary motive behind this is to steal inventory, cash, or document.

Robbery and theft that turn violent usually target employees who work with cash, night shift workers, or dealing with expensive inventory.

Violence Inflicted Customer

An unsatisfied or a rude client can cause physical damage as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hospital staff and social workers are likely to be a victim of customer violence.

Employee-To-Employee Violence

Workplace conflict can easily turn in to violent acts if left unaddressed, and supervisors and managers are usually the victim of this type of workplace violence.

Domestic Violence

Divorces and child custody cases are often dragged into workplace, resulting in an abusive encounter. In comparison to men, women are likely the victim of domestic violence.

Signs That Indicate Violent Behavior

  • Employees that resort to yelling, abusive language, and slamming doors during discussions or confrontations
  • Employees that do not take responsibility of their actions and play the blame game
  • Employees that are inflexible to change and put their needs in front of others
  • Employees that resort to substance abuse in stressful situations
  • Employees that exhibit sudden change in behavior

What Can You Do To Limit Act Of Violence At Workplace?

  • Treat employees as adults who are capable of making sane decision. Let employees have some control over their role and work.
  • Provide employees a safe place to voice their opinion about stress, policies and procedures.
  • Make an effort to address employees’ concerns.
  • Treat employees fairly and avoid biases and discrimination at work.
  • Set boundaries for your workplace, but don’t be too controlling; this may cause more damage.

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